MPPS Science Fair

Years 3/4

You should present your results using a poster, display board, ipad or computer.

Your project will need to include:

  • Project Title
  • Materials
  • Procedure – the steps you took to do your experiment.
  • Hypothesis/Prediction – what do you think will happen?
  • Results – Filled in data tables, pictures of you running your experiment, bar graphs or pie charts (you can make these on the computer).
  • Goal – what are you trying to achieve?
  • Any background information you’ve collected to help with your project
  • Conclusion – Did you achieve your goal? If no, why not?
  • Any Future Tips – for others wishing to conduct the experiment

It may look something like this:

Example 1


If you are using your computer or ipad, it may be a PowerPoint Presentation or a Keynote Presentation, or any other program you would like to use.

If you need to use some of the school’s paper, please ask your classroom teacher.

2 Responses to “Years 3/4”

  1. Aaliyah.Malik says:

    i find it really interesting and what type of experiments there are.

  2. Jess says:

    That’s great Aaliyah! Did you make a decision about which experiment you will go for? Jess

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